Kill Krinkle Club

Kill Krinkle Club are a Dublin based electronic pop duo originally hailing from Sweden (Elina Bergman) and Ireland (Justin Commins). Their manager sent us a couple of their tracks "Butterfly" and "Hit Me" from their debut album 'Abandon' out now and I became an instant fan! "Butterfly" is the album opener. A mid-tempo atmospheric tune and very pretty. Then "Hit Me" track two from the record starts to get a little dancier. So good! A talented pair that I'm sure we'll be hearing a lot more from. In addition to the two tracks which have been cleared for posting here is their video for "59" also from their debut record. Good stuff huh. Listen to the rest of the album on their site I linked above.

MP3: Butterfly - Kill Krinkle Club

MP3: Hit Me - Kill Krinkle Club

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