Beat Connection

Seattle duo Beat Connection may look youthful, but judging by their debut single they sure know how to create great music! Set for official release on February 28th, this super catchy glo-fi track titled "Silver Screen" is sure to kick off their music careers with a bang! Loving their upbeat atmospheric pop style. The single will be a teaser for a debut mini-album titled Surf Noir, that is scheduled for release April 11th. Here is the single and it's two remixes (particularly loving the Dreamtrak Diamond Sound remix), as well as its great video.

MP3: Silver Screen - Beat Connection

MP3: Silver Screen (Dreamtrak Diamond Sound Remix) - Beat Connection

MP3: Silver Screen (Young Montana Remix) - Beat Connection

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Anonymous said...

Buena canción.....(para mi gusto el remix Dreamtrak Diamond Sound , es mejor)

Y el vídeo???...muy trabajado ,excelente