Acid House Kings

Man does Labrador ever put out anything that's bad? So far I'd say the answer is a resounding no! Got another email from Labrador regarding one of their artists Acid House Kings who will be releasing new album 'Music Sounds Better With You' on March 22nd. The band previewed four tracks from the new album on their site to see which one the fans liked best and the winner was "Would You Say Stop". I can see why. A gorgeous wistful pop tune! The kind that gets stuck in your head and has you humming it for days on end. Best part is their giving away the track for free so I guess the big winners are us! Check it and be on the lookout for that album.

P.S. Labrador always puts out the highest resolution pics for their artists. They take forever to upload, but they look soo good! 

MP3: Would You Say Stop? - Acid House Kings

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