The Rural Alberta Advantage :: Departing

So far my new favorite album of the year is The Rural Alberta Advantage's sophomore album, 'Departing'. I wrote about them back in December here with the anticipation and release of their new single "The Stamp" from the new album.

'Departing' was just released last Tuesday and it's been in my heavy rotation. It doesn't veer far away from the first album except maybe a few more slower songs, but that's totally fine in my book! The new album's sound is consistent with their first release 'Hometowns'. I thought perhaps at first that could reflect negatively in that they haven't progressed and it could be a bit boring, but as listen more and more I fall more in love with it.

If you aren't familiar with the band give both albums a few good listens. I hope you find them just as great as I do. 'Hometowns' has a lot of sentimental value to me and "Departing" came out at another important part of my life where great music like this just makes everything better. Enjoy!

MP3: Muscle Relaxants - The Rural Alberta Advantage

MP3: North Star - The Rural Alberta Advantage

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