Friendly Fires :: New Album 'Pala'

Our generation knows the Internet has really lent itself to the exposure and availability to hear bands near and far. When I come across a band that I'm really into and hear that their new album is finally coming out, I can't help but get really excited.

It's been awhile since we heard anything new from Friendly Fires, but it was worth the wait! "Pala" their sophomore album is due out May 16, but with the luxury of websites like Hype Machine, we can stream the entire album right here and now. The band hails from a town in England, St. Albans Hertfordshire. They actually formed their first band a post-hardcore band, First Day Back at the age of 14. If you want a little more background, you can read their Wikipedia here.

I saw Friendly Fires at CMJ back in 2008 at the Fader Fort and I had just recently heard of them before then. Their 20 or so minute show was my favorite one of the bunch and I definitely put them on my "need to buy album" list. They had a fresh and energetic presence on stage. I became a big fan of their self-titled debut album released in 2008 that gained them a world wide presence very quickly.

I am on the 2nd round of listening to 'Pala' and it's already keeping me on my toes and intrigued. They've got that something special! Below are two tracks from their debut album "White Diamonds" and "Paris".

MP3: White Diamonds - Friendly Fires

MP3: Paris - Friendly Fires

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