Body Wash :: Merdered EP

In the mood for some excellent new experimental psychedelic indie surf rock? Well you are in the right place! Another Off The Radar brand new artist debut, Chicago based musician Body Wash recently released his debut Merdered EP. Raw, gritty, honest and quite brilliant, the Merdered EP is an amazingly solid first album, filled with layers of lo-fi goodness, fuzzy vocals and super catchy acoustic riffs, with that unmistakeably garage sound. The album in its entirety is available on his bandcamp as a name-your-price download, so you can pick it up for free, but as always we like to suggest you support the artists and send a few bucks their way for their efforts. Body Wash is definitely gonna be an artist to watch for in the future, and I have a strong suspicion that once this EP catches, its gonna spread like wild fire across the blog community. Enjoy these few tracks and video here, then head on over and check out/pick up the rest of the album.

MP3: Bike Wreck - Body Wash

MP3: Record Run - Body Wash

MP3: School's Out - Body Wash

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