I have just run a super covert operation stealing my roommates computer (I drowned mine a few months ago), and checking out Oberhofer after some one I know (who knows my music tastes all too well), told me I would love them. Turns out they were right.

Oberhofer is the brainchild of twenty year old Brad Oberhofer. He moved from Tacoma, Washington to Brooklyn. They recently announced signing to Glassnote Records who will be releasing their first full length in 2012. The melodies are nostalgic and the songs stick with you. If you're a girl, you pretty much just want to be the subject of these songs. If you're a guy, you should probably put one of their songs on a spotify mix for your crush. I suppose my roommate can't be too pissed that I put good music on her computer. Check out two of their tracks "Away FRM U" and "Gotta Go".

MP3: Away FRM U - Oberhofer

MP3: Gotta Go - Oberhofer

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The Zender Agenda said...

Oh man, I love these guys. Say them back in January and would love to see them again...