Twin Shadow :: New Single

Whoa, seems like just yesterday I met a drummer-less George Lewis Jr. after a show at Le Poisson Rouge. So much has changed! Drummer, check! Critically acclaimed debut LP, check! Touring non-stop and playing every festival, check! Well it seems like we will be getting a follow up record early in 2012. He has a new single floating around the internets titled "Changes" and it's such a sonic adventure, it's hard to believe that he takes you so many places in just a little over three minutes. It's inspired by a song they started covering on tour called "Circus Is Gone" by a band called Bagarre. I am excited to see where his follow up goes. Stream "Changes" below and head to Twin Shadow's website for the free download. Check out a live video of the band covering "Circus Is Gone" below as well.

MP3: Changes - Twin Shadow

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