Air :: Seven Stars (Featuring Victoria Legrand)

I was super excited to see that French electronic band Air is finally back with a new album! Fans of the art house/indie film industry will know that Air are masters of the soundtrack with their gem of an album they did for Sofia Coppola's Virgin Suicides a while back. Now they are back with whats shaping up to be a gorgeous soundscape for a hand-painted, full colour re-release of the famous 1902 silent film La Voyage Dans La Lune! Really excited for this one! They have given us a preview with an early release of the albums track "Seven Stars", which features the vocals of Beach House's lead lady Victoria Legrand, that make it all the more hauntingly beautiful and epic. This, the bands 7th album, which shares the title of the film La Voyage Dans La Lune is due for a February 6, 2012 release. For now, enjoy the streamable version of "Seven Stars" below.

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