Yeasayer :: Henrietta

One of my favourite bands of 2010, psychedelic rockers Yeasayer, are back and as awesome as ever with this amazing new first single from their forthcoming third LP Fragrant World due out August 20! The new single "Henrietta" is just as much of a psychedelic trip as any of their previous works and is catchy as hell. Been stuck on repeat in my iTunes since picking it up a few days ago! It always makes me nervous when these bands take semi-long sabbaticals from the limelight because their new stuff has to be really amazing to maintain that momentum, and I can honestly say these guys haven't missed a beat! Really looking forward to this new LP in which band member Anand Wilder has coined it's sound as "Sci-Fi soul music". Of course, a new album means new tour dates and, believe me, these guys are fantastic live! Check out/pick up tickets for all upcoming shows here.

Yeasayer - "Henrietta"

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