Stockers! :: Times Before

You know it's hard to come by a good new indie rock band these days. The musical landscape is just nothing like what it was circa 2004 when indie rock was king. When acts like Franz Ferdinand, The Editors, The Strokes, Bloc Party, The Killers, etc ruled the charts and dance floors. Cue Helsinki, Finland band Stockers! who contacted us the other day and who I believe would fit right in with that top notch tier of bands. They sent along their new single "Times Before" from their upcoming debut album 'We Are the Numbers' scheduled for release October 19th and made believers of me. Just like with fashion, most musical trends tend to come and go and I'm sure indie rock will trek back around one of these days. These guys are a good reminder of what some good guitars, solid vocals and danceable beats can do. Namely create mayhem on the dance floor.

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