Future Islands :: Balance

On Tuesday of last week, Future Islands played a show in Miami. The band from Baltimore is composed of three members: William Cashion (bass, acoustic and electric guitars), Gerrit Welmers (keyboards and programming) and Samuel Herring (lyrics and vocals).

Before the show, Herring was just sitting on the couch checking the election coverage. I talked to him for a bit. He was very approachable and even introduced himself. He was wearing a light olive, long sleeved button up shirt, with blue dress pants - very not rock and roll.

They played through their catalog of songs, with the animated singer showing his very theatrical postures and moves. The crowd was very much into it. The intimate setting at the bar made the occasion even better. During the middle of the concert someone screamed, "Obama won!" to loud cheers from the crowd.

Future Islands is a good band to see live. The band projects a high level of enthusiasm and it just makes you want to be a part of it. If you were there, I hope you enjoyed the concert as much as I did. Check out their track/video for "Balance".

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