Cog Nomen

Got a chance to catch Miami band Cog Nomen at last week's Electric City Fest and I was blown away. They were the first band playing at 3 PM, so there was not too many people there yet, but they played their heart out which is sometimes hard to do in those situations. If you have a chance to check them out I would highly recommend it! They have a great electronic psychedelic pop sound with great guitar work by Buffalo Brown that reminds me of bands like the Flaming Lips. The vocoder vocals add another dimension that reminds me of bands like Trans Am. So I'd say they're probably a cross between those two bands. Perfect to smoke a spliff to and let your mind soar.

Check out a few soundclouds for "As I'm Playing on the Drums", "Starlight" and "Thus Spoke the Insect" from their latest album 'The End of Knowing As We Know It'. Hear more on their soundcloud. Keep rocking it fellows, you made a fan out of me.

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