Lenny Kravitz :: Strut

Recently I got to see a private show Lenny Kravitz did at the Ice Palace in Miami (where I believe he also resides) to promote his new album 'Strut', and I have to say the dude's still got it! He's got this rock star magnetism that's hard to ignore. In a world where there aren't too many rock stars left he certainly is one of them. It was a short set of maybe 6 or 7 tracks with a mixture of some of the new album tracks like "Strut", "Dirty White Boots" and "The Chamber" along with some of his classic tracks like his 90's rock anthem "Are You Gonna Go My Way", which he used to end his set with a bang! One odd thing they did at the event (so I guess there would be no leaked pics or videos) was make everyone leave their phones in their car. This made me realize how dependent we are on our phones. While we were in line I kept wanting to reach for my phone (which I didn't have) to kill the time. It was torture I tell you!

Check out a little promo video, plus his video for his new single "The Chamber" below, and a link to an interview/live performance from that night.

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