Soko :: Love Letter

Photo Credit :: Ward + Kweskin

It is incredible how much music is out there and how much stuff falls through the cracks, even when you are a die hard music fans like we are at OTR. Last night as I was chatting with my buddy Steve from Pure Honey (who does a fabulous job spreading the gospel of good music for many years by the way), started talking to me about this artist that he loves called Soko. Apparently she's been around for many years (2007) and is also an actress. She is getting ready to release her sophomore album and is on tour now opening for Foster the People. Who we get to see here in Miami Beach at the Fillmore on Thursday, October the 16th.

He showed me her new single "Love Letter" and it is pretty amazing! According to Steve it is a lot more synthy, dark and reverby than her previous album, but that happens to be many of the things I love. Great new single that got me really interested in checking out her show and that new album when it's released.

Check out that excellent new single "Love Letter" below which Pure Honey is offering as a free download (along with many other great stuff every month). Plus a real cool artsy lyric video they did for it.

P.S. If you like the track and wanna learn more about her, be sure to check out this great interview Pure Honey did with her here.

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