Crown Company :: The Black Hills

It's been a long time coming, but I finally got my hands on some new music by Miami indie duo Crown Company. I waited a long time to hear the finished product (they are buddies of mine and showed me many demos the last couple of years). They also happen to be perfectionists who won't release anything until "everything is in it's right place". Luckily the wait was totally worth it! The first track they are releasing "The Black Hills" is a moody, delicious indie pop jam. Oscar's vocals sound amazing, and all the instrumentation is on point. It clocks in a very Smiths-like 2 mins and 28 secs.

They are gonna be releasing more new material in the months to come, but for now "Black Hills" will hold us off nicely, especially since we can download it for FREE, then play it on iTunes, in the car, at parties, at work,,,

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