Culture Prophet :: Lies & Deceit

Our friends over at King's Head Records sent over the debut album 'Lies & Deceit' released today by their newest signing, one man band Culture Prophet (who hails from South Carolina, but now resides in Miami). All we can say is wow! An uncompromising assault on the senses. From dark experimental tracks, to indie/punk anthems, and hard hitting industrial sounds, this album has a little of it all. You can tell he's been around the block a few times, and fine tuned his chops before he got to where he is now.

We are particularly digging the industrial sounding "Eating Concrete" and "Giallo" (which sound like they came straight from a classic 80's Front 242 record), the in-your-face indie/punk brashness of "Sleeping Lord", and our favorite, the dark middle eastern tinged "Assassins", which they have been kind enough to make as a free download for our readers! How amazing is that?!

Check out those tunes below, but really the whole album is excellent and deserves further delving. You can listen to 'Lies & Deceit' on their soundcloud, and purchase it on iTunes.

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