Blurry Monday morning...

AWESOME time last Friday at the Off the Radar RELAUNCH! Judging by my hangover (faded sometime after 2pm, after a Mickey D's lunch...) this party is going to the summer Friday night joint. There are pictures somewhere out there (I want to see some stripper pole action from The Lab!!). More on that later.

Now, how is this for a nice Monday morning treat?

From Spacelab, it seems that Blur is going back into the studio this October to see if they will get inspired to create a new album. Blur drummer, Dave Rowntree, said
"We have never split up. That tends to be the way albums start. That's how the last one started. We get together and either we say 'it's not the right time' or we say 'brilliant'. We don't want to pre-judge the issue right now."
Read the rest at Spacelab. New tracks later today. I prepping some Savoire Adore tracks I found and who knows what else.

On another note, Pretty Girls Make Graves played their last show this weekend.

Mp3: Pretty Girls Make Graves - The Number

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