Here are OTR we have a slight affection for Marqui Adora (website). It is not because their lead singer happens to be Danny Ashe (one of the musical selectors for the party) but their music is damn good! Good enough even that Nissan picked up their last single for one of their commercials. So what have the boys been up to lately?

Marqui Adora released their EP Don't Panic on July 8th. It's a 3 song EP with two new tacks and a reworking of Empty (the track that appeared on the commercial and PopLife's 6 Year Anniversary Compilation).

The band has not stopped there. A video for this new version of Empty will be out in a few weeks. AND two new singles are going to be released in the next couple of months.

One of the most interesting things that Marqui Adora does is their podcasts. They post a song and the following day, discuss it from its inspiration to writing, recording and performing it.

Check out the podcast here: Marqui Adora Podcast. From the band:
"We have a new feature on our podcast in which we put up one song and the following day we do another podcast talking about the writing and recording of that track. We are doing the first EP right now which should be done by friday... then we do Don't Panic and then it will be roughly every 2 weeks showcasing a new song each time."
MP3: Don't Panic (YSI)
Everything That (YSI) (Love the drums on this track...)

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