Last night I was reminded that summer is over...

I think I hyped that Arcade Fire website a bit much. It was designed for the release of their newest single the title track off of Neon Bible. Nothing more, nothing less.

The site reminds me of a shallow version of Feed the Head (
While you can spend a good part of an hour playing around with the latter, The Arcade Fire site feels a little anemic. It is still worth a click though to be able to control Win Butler around. They are calling this a video to Neon Bible making it the first song on the album to have a music video. (Does this mean the MTV awards are going to have a new category?)

But you went to the site for the music and not the fancy Flash animations anyways. AAANNNDDD how about that show on Saturday in NY's Randall's Island? You know the one with Les Savy Favv, Blonde Rehead, LCD Soundsystem AND Arcade Fire? Seems like it was THE show to end the summer concert season.

The Arcade Fire wrapped it up with an encore IN THE AUDIENCE, covering Violent Femme's Kiss Off. This is from a friend's camera. She sent me the video as soon as she got home. You can hear them them singing along with the band.

If you can ignore the annoying chick...

"I wish I had my camera... I wish I had my camera... I wish I had my camera... "

This video is on fire all over the internet today.

This track was one side of a split 7" with Arcade Fire and LCD Soundsystem sold exclusively (until eBayers list theirs...) while they were on tour together this past summer. It is a cover of a France Gall song composed by Serge Gainsbourg.

MP3: Poupee de Cire Poupee de Son (YSI)


Sari Leggs Velar said...

I love it when you post our global adventures.


Sarah Fe and I sound like dorks

Sari Leggs Velar said...

p.s. the summer does last forever when in miami!