Sacre Bleu! Mixtape Time!

Sorry haven't posted for a bit, but I was pretty busy last week getting new music for my new Saturday Residency at Back Door Bamby/Vagabond. Had to find a lot of classic house stuff I didn't have. Still gotta go to Chris's sometime this week to get some more jams from him. Have to say I had a blast! It's fun playing a new genre that your not used to, keeps you on your toes.

Last Thursday Prince Language and Shaka 23 came down from NYC and TORE up our APT Party @ Love/Hate! We had an amazing turnout and there were amazing vibes all night long! It's so much fun when your at a party were you can tell everyone's there just for the music and to have a good time, not to be 'seen' or or any of that BS. Here's some of the pics from that night including our own Chris Mora and Myself in the last two...

Anyways I'm like one of the only people in the world who loves Mondays, cause it's my day off! I spent my day off doing the blog rounds and I found some great tracks for you! Here they are for your enjoyment!

First off here's a track by the Islands from Montreal/Quebec Canada. Seems they were formerly the Unicorns who had some pretty good stuff as well. We brought them down to Miami at some point. Loving this new track from them called Creeper. Great catchy pop track! Think you guys are gonna dig it. Their sophmore album is called Arm's Way and is out in stores now.

MP3: Islands - Creeper (YSI)

If dark Italo Disco is your thing then your gonna love Division Kent! This new track I got from them is hot! It's called L'Heure Bleue and it's pretty amazing! Smooth silky electronic rhythms coupled with sexy french female vocals. What more could you possibly want? Doesn't hurt that the singer is absolutely gorgeous! The original version is great, but I think this Keenhouse Remix is even better. Gives it that added dancefloor punch. See what you think...

MP3: Division Kent - L'Heure Bleue (Keenhouse Remix) (YSI)

Next here are a couple great instrumental dance jams that use great samples and killer beats to great effect! The first one is from Casa Del Mirto from Italy called Say Goodbay and the other is from someone who they've worked with and remixed some of their stuff Broke One called EVRBD! Both are killer tracks sure to get the crowds going. They match good back to back too. Got them that way on my Ipod playlist.

MP3: Broke One - EVRBD! (YSI)

Finally I leave you with a killer Remix Midnight Juggernauts did of Sebastian Tellier's Divine track. Such a good remix, better than the original! I can hear this track over and over and not get bored. Beautiful!

MP3: Sebastian Tellier - Divine (Midnight Juggernauts Remix) (YSI)


Chris said...

Now everybody is going to know what we look like!

We'll be mobbed on the streets!

Ray Milian said...

you're right! didn't think about it. better take those down.