'Off the Radar' T.S. Fay Mix

Since I spent most of the day at home yesterday as Tropical Storm Fay came through Florida, thought I'd do something constructive and record a mix. I always have people asking me for a mixed cd, so here's one. Nothing too fancy, just 11 tracks/28 mins mixed together for dancing! I used 2 Pioneer CDJ1000's and a Pioneer DJM 800 Mixer recorded onto a Mac Laptop. No editing done. This was a one take straight through, mistakes and all...
Hope you like it!

T.S. Fay Mix by Ray Milian (YSI)

T.S. Fay Tracklisting::

1- Casa Del Mirto - Say Goodbay
2- The Twelves - When You Talk
3- Cut Copy - Out There on the Ice
4- Alyoa- It's Been too Long (Lifelike Top Gun Remix)
5- Woolfy - Oh Missy
6- Bufi - We Begin
7- Islands - Creeper
8- The Golden Filter - Solid Gold
9- Sebastian Tellier - Sexual Sportswear (Donavan Remix)
10-The Presets - This Boy's in Love (Lifelike Remix)
11- Sebastian Tellier - Divine (Midnight Juggernauts Remix)


Carla said...

love it. enchanting.

Anonymous said...

"Hey, I really like the music that's playing. wonder, it's Ray."