Stop Begging For Musc

Most undoubtedly you will be attending a house party as part of tonight's festivities. The looming and dooming economy has kept many people at home rather than at the clubs lately. Or at least "pre-partying" aka "saving-cash" aka "filling-the-flasks". But one thing that can make or break a house party is music.

House Party Music Tips if you are the host of a party tonight:
1. Do not let the music stop. Ever.
2. Do not put an artist's entire album on from start to finish.
3. Do NOT put the album on repeat.
4. Do not stick to a single genre/time period (why does everyone want to hear 80's music?).
5. Do not let your trigger-happy-drunk-friend-that-wants-to-30-second-clips-of-songs touch the controls.

6. Do genre jump.
7. Do add some relevant theme music (The Misfits - Halloween if you have to)
8. Do let your guests choose some of the music.
9. Do pump it up. You have big speakers? Why did you buy them? Turn that amp to 11!
10. Do put on one of these mixes...

(wow I came up with 10...)

So as a public service, here at OTR, I found a few mixes by local DJ's that I highly enjoy and who's track lists I think run the gamut of many styles that are sure to please your guests...

Podcast: Induce - Hometeam Podcast (Podcast live weekly from the Conrad Hotel in Miami)
MP3: Cntrl - Election Mix - very relevant mix revolving around the past couple of years in American politics (I think he might have played parts of this at Vagabond last Friday in the garden... I think...)

Oh links to their respective sites... Induce here and here. Cntrl here and here.

YOU have at least a couple hours of solid music there. If you need more...

There is Joakim, who in my book CAN DO NO WRONG. At all. Ever. Here is a mix he did a couple months ago at NY's Sunday's Best party.

MP3: Joakim - Live at Sundays Best!, 08/24/08

He has a best of his mixes comp. coming out soon. (I'll let you know...)

I visited my best friend last night and show up (I know it sounds weird I visited him but he showed up... but whatever...) ...point is, he showed up with a jack-o-lantern and I realized how much I liked them. Never really thought about it. Next year I'm throwing a pumpkin carving party/contest thing.

Empire of the Sun

Australia's at it again! This time with Empire of the Sun. A collaboration between Luke Steele (from The Sleepy Jackson) and Nick Littlemore (from PNAU). They got together to make a great psychedelic pop album called 'Walking on a Dream' which was released earlier this month. Been loving all the tracks I've heard so far, reminds me of the vibe I get from bands like MGMT.

They've also managed to get some great artists like Neon Neon and Ted & Francis to remix some of their tracks so you can dance to them as well. The Ted & Francis Remix is a gorgeous mid-tempo burner. Probably my favorite along with the original versions of Half Mast & Walking on a Dream. If you like these I suggest you go buy the album! It's a great one!

MP3: Half Mast - Empire of the Sun (YSI)
MP3: We Are the People (Ted & Francis Remix) - Empire of the Sun (YSI)
MP3: Walking on a Dream (Neon Neon Remix) - Empire of the Sun (YSI)

Here's their gorgeous video for Walking on a Dream, shot in Shanghai China!


London based electronic artists Cicada are back with a great new single 'Falling Rockets' plus a couple hot remixes by Moulinex and Just a Band. I couldn't decide which remix I liked better, so I'm gonna post them both for you to decide. Can't wait to hear their full length! This first single has definitely set the bar high and will most certainly set many a dancefloor on fire!


Heartbreak are a duo from London, England featuring Argentinian Singer Sebastian Muravchix & Ali Renault on Keyboards. Fans of Giorgio Moroder and Italo Disco will love Heartbreak! They seem to come straight out of the 80's Italo Disco era complete with pencil thin moustache and all. They've recently opened for Presets and Cut Copy here in the U.S. were they've gotten a lot of buzz.

They've recently released their debut album Lies worldwide and already have tons of magazines such as NME, Vice & The Guardian singing their praises.

I really liked The Guardian's description. Here's what they had to say...

'an Album that sounds like being transported to 1984 Rimini inside a hand sculpted marble bath tub filled with uncut Bolivian cocaine and Veuve Clicqout Champagne (AKA Disco Paste) is your thing you should definitely check them out...'


Here's a couple of tracks for you to decide for yourself. If you like these or are a fan of Italo Disco I highly recommend you buy the album.

MP3: Don't Lose My Time - Heartbreak (YSI)
MP3: Give Me Action - Heartbreak (YSI)

Here's a Live Performance of them performing their single 'We're Back' for Last FM. The lead singer is a hell of a character!

Sneaky Sound System / G.L.O.V.E.S.

G.L.O.V.E.S. who rocked it last month with Van She's Remix for 'Changes' hit another knockout blow with this remix of Sneaky Sound System's 'When We Were Young'. Great electro-house number sure to get the kids jumping on the dancefloor! It's also a great track to mix up with any nu-disco/classic disco sets you may have floating around.
Try it on for size...

MP3: When We Were Young (G.L.O.V.E.S. REMIX) - Sneaky Sound System (YSI)

Here's a great puppet video Sneaky Sound System did for their track 'Kansas City'

Au Revoir Simone

Another area that I've been noticing great music coming from lately is Brooklyn, N.Y. That's were up and coming all girl trio Au Revoir Simone reside. Been seeing them on a bunch of blogs lately. (They must have a great P.R. Rep!)

Their music is more of a minimal pop variety and their vocals kinda remind me of Liz's from Freezepop.

I've been enjoying the remixes they've been putting out a whole lot, particularly Aeroplane's Remix of Paris by Friendly Fires. A track in which they provide guest vocals on. It has a great driving feel that work's well on the dancefloor.

Here's a few of those remixes for you.


Here's their video for Sad Song.

Bag Raiders

Australian artists are at it again! Jeez what's in the water over there? So much great dance music coming out of that island.

This time Sydney, Australia's Bag Raiders just released a new EP Turbo Love (really a Maxi Single - 2 tracks plus a dub and instrumental version) on the Bang Gang Label. Both tracks Turbo Love and Shooting Stars are excellent! I prefer Shooting Stars as it contains their first non robot/vocoder vocals and has more of that electro-pop feel that I tend to like, but you can't go wrong with either of the these two tracks. I'm sure both will be lighting up dancefloors everywhere very soon, if they haven't already started. Can't wait to see what they do with their full length album.

Their label has a great sense of humor too, here's what they had to say about the release.

"Its still got the filtered, old school French touch inspired sound, but its got something else. Maybe its got a bit more drama, even more adventure, some Vangelis soundtrack vibes. Whatever it is, it's hard to describe, it's like truffles. You know that weird taste, you're full of food, you don't want to eat more but you just have to so you can put your finger on the truffle taste? You know the feeling. That's what the Bag Raiders sound is, it sounds so good, a bit familiar, but you can't pick it so you just keep dancing. Yep, that's it. Truffle house! That's what it is. I think I just invented a genre. Or the Bag Raiders did anyway. If the Bag Raiders were quicker in the studio they could rival Danny Tenaglia for the 24-hour set. People would not be able to stop dancing! But for now you just have to be content with this EP. Track one, 'Turbo Love,' is a straight-up Bag Raiders can't-get-off-the-dance-floor party action -- blah blah blah -- full of some balls-chopped-off high pitched super vocoding and a lead to make you play air keytar to. Track two is a thicker and faster version of the first track that makes you feel as though you were at a slamball convention without your knee pads and mouthguard. 'Shooting Stars' features the first real life vocal (meaning not a robot voice) for the Bag Raiders, and who else to feature than our very own Rhys from like woah! The kid has soul, not Marvin Gaye soul, but enough soul {to get your not-so-brand-new Olympic edition Air Max Ones resoled while he hits the highs) to get some plays on by Pete Tong if he is feeling moody..."

The Return of The Notwist

You may remember The Notwist from 2002's Neon Golden. One of the most critically acclaimed albums of that year and for good reason. It's amazing! An album that managed to capture the spirit of the moment and blend electronics and acoustic intruments like none other!

Well six years came and went and The Notwist are back with their follow-up::The Devil, You + Me. The albums been out for a few months already and somehow I neglected to write about them. What's wrong with me? Not only do I love their work, but I also love their work with other favorites like Lali Puna, Ms. John Soda and Console, 14 Zero Zero anyone?

Well this new album sees them maturing a bit more and bringing the tempo down a bit from Neon Golden, but it's still a beautiful affair. Neon had many slower tracks as well. Try this album on for size as the night takes hold. I'm sure you won't be disappointed...

Here's an amazing video of them playing live with a full orchestra. This is probably how their music is best experienced. Wish I could've been there for this!

Santogold + Contra

Our hometown boy Contra recently got back from DJ'ing for Santogold on a National Tour were they opened up for Jay Z & Beastie Boys!!?! Not too shabby huh... Well Contra deserves all the success he gets! Won't find too many people around as nice and talented as this guy. I spin with him Sundays @ Purdy Lounge for the long running weekly Chocolate Sundays party on Miami Beach when he's in town.

Anyways all this reminded me of this great Remix I have for Santogold's track L.E.S. Artistes by Left/Right. Excellent remix! Really pumps up the original into an electro dancefloor stomper.

Here's the video for the original version of L.E.S. Artistes...

Side Projects

Two solo albums from members of two bands I highly respect.

Still on a concert high from seeing them 2 weeks ago, Hot Chip's front man Alexis Taylor just squeezed out his debut solo album this week as well. Because of his trademark vocals from Hot Chip, my first impression of Rubbed Out is similar to when I heard Thom Yorke's The Eraser. "Is this a Radiohead B-sides collection?"

So at first listen, Rubbed Out, is immediately a easy album to digest, well because it just feels like Hot Chip. If you like the band, you will probably like Taylor's solo material. It is not exactly Hot Chip (Joe Goddard definitely instills some magic into the songs as well) but the song writing is there.

Here are some shots from the October 2nd show at Terminal 5 in NYC.

Alexis and his arsenal of keyboards and what not...

Did I mention I was REALLY close to the stage?

The album is much less frenetic (think second half of Made In The Dark) which makes it a great afternoon CD or maybe some late night tunes. There are a few drone tracks scattered in between which the band likes (evidenced by their selection of Growing as their opening act). But for the most part, the 80's vibe is strong with this one. I swear Cyndi Lauper was going to make a cameo on track at one point with some Time After Time lyrics (The band is definitely a fan of the song. At the Friday show at Terminal 5, it was the first song played after the house lights turned on. The crowd immediately started to sing-a-long in a giant group hug as if it was the last song on prom night).

MP3: Girl (ysi)

Next up, Mobius Band is back with the 2nd of their 3 promised free EPs. The first came out wwaaaaaayyy back in February (at least it feels like it's been forever). Love Will Reign Supreme, a collection of covers songs (most notably was their take on Daft Punk's Digital Love). Their second effort is actually the debut solo EP of drummer Noam Shactz who goes by the name 3rdness. Red Chantrelles is strictly an electronic album and unlike the Hot Chip infused Rubbed Out, this does not sound like typical Mobius Band. (However, the band's recent infatuation with synth's is definitely due to Shactz's influence.

The entire EP is free so I won't post it all. Head over to the Mobius Band website to get the rest and a few more freebies from the band.

MP3: Oxford Girl (ysi)

Lead singer, Ben gives his opinion of the album, "My favorite song is the last one, "Kraut Dog." But don't take my word for it, I've been talking to a parrot for the last 3 months." (Just got to this track and it's definitely the most Mobius Band sounding of them all - minus the vocals or lack there of. Worthy download...)

I met these guys when they opened for The Editors in Miami but unfortunately (running on Cuban time) missed their set. So what do you say Mobius Band? Wanna come visit us again? The weather is finally amazing over here!
"Meticulously tweaked blips and beeps. The electronic sounds of Mobius Band are largely the result of Noam Schatz's obsession with circuit-bent keyboards, which he constructs by shorting the circuit boards of old Casios and sampling the rather chaotic results." - MAGNET

Housemeister REMIXED

Germany's Housemeister released his second album back in June called Who is That Noize. He's now released an album of remixes from that album featuring remixes by Boysnoize, Alexander Kowalski, Siriusmo, Dirty Doering and many other up and coming artists.

This remix that I got for What You Want by Siriusmo is out of hand! Gorgeous mid-tempo dance groove that will definitely be added to my arsenal. Expect to hear it on a dancefloor near you, if the DJ has good taste that is!

Just For the Fun

Ray is probably going to have a heart attack. I won't go into why I haven't posted in a while. But let's just say it's becoming increasingly difficult. No need for details.

Anyways, I drove around at lunch today aimlessly. Well not soooo aimlessly I had ONE goal...

...and was forced to listen to the radio. Horrible. (They are still playing the as '95 remix of Everything But The Girl's track Missing by Todd Terry. Seriously guys? There has been NO other good dance music since '95? The song has it's own Wikipedia page!!! Proof people have nothing else better to do...).

Oh, why the radio? I'm stuck with a rental while my car is in the shop. Thank god for WVUM. They had a pretty good set going. This tune stuck out in particular. Not sure who was DJ'ing.

Cold Cut - Just For the Kick (ysi)

It's off of Ninja Tunes relatively recent (February) compilation You Don't Know. Fifth in their "Ninja Cuts" series (the label has been around for 18 years!!). And honestly like the title suggests, if you think you know what to expect from Ninja Tunes well this is set to prove you wrong. I think I just found my weekend playlist. 50 tracks on 3 CD's should keep me happy. Especially considering I am quarantined with severe bronchitis and walking pneumonia (even though right now it has progressed to sitting pneumonia and later on it will be couch potato pneumonia).

I'm on heavy duty antibiotics and what not, so if you haven't seen me out in while (you haven't - I friggin' missed Yelle last week and from what I heard a balls-to-the-wall crazy 2nd Saturday Wynwood Art Walk and you probaby won't see me this weekend either), you know where I am... Listening to Ninja Tunes' latest.

Head over to their site where they have a bunch of freebies up for grabs.

Here's the tracklist... no joke, you should get this comp:

01 Blazin' - Ghislain Poirier (Modeselektor Remix)
02 Seat Yourself - Roots Manuva feat. Ricky Rankin
03 Nightlite - Bonobo
04 Fair Weather Friends - Daedelus
05 Donkey Ride - Mr Scruff
06 Dita Dimoné - Pop Levi
07 Gadget Funk - The Herbaliser
08 Getting Dumb - Cadence Weapon
09 Bump - Spank Rock (Switch Remix)
10 Coleen - The Heavy
11 Epistemology Suite 1: Don't Fall - Diplo
12 Next Levels - King Geedorah
13 Pretty Little Thing - Fink
14 To Build A Home - The Cinematic Orchestra
15 Bloodstone - Amon Tobin
16 Evermore - John Matthias
17 Chin High - Roots Manuva (Manuvadelics Version)
18 No Qualms - Wiley feat. Chipmunk, J.M.E and Skepta
19 Distorted Minds - Hexstatic feat. Juice Aleem
20 Drop Audio - The Qemists feat. MC I.D
21 Brave New World - NMS
22 Blah Blah - Mike Ladd
23 Bring Madlib Up - Keepintime produced by DJ Shadow
24 Rites Of Spring (Live at Barbican) - The Cinematic Orchestra
25 Thieves - Max & Harvey
26 Physics Of a Unicycle - cLOUDDEAD
27 Bug - Poison Dart (Radio Version) - The Bug
28 Just For The Kick - Coldcut feat. Annette Peacock
29 Walk A Mile In My Shoes - Coldcut feat. Robert Owens
30 Pat Pong - Pest
31 Travailler - TTC
32 Around the World - The Death Set
33 Again With The Subtitles - Yppah
34 Atomic Moog - Coldcut
35 True Confessions - RJD2
36 Slew Test 2 - Kid Koala
37 Have It Like That - Two Fingers feat. Durrty Goodz
38 Free - DJ Kentaro feat. MC Spank Rock
39 Wait A Minute - Ty
40 Seedpod - Homelife
41 Fear The Labour - One Self
42 Breathe - The Cinematic Orchestra
43 Beginningless - Loka
44 Hatoa - Bonobo feat. Andreya Triana
45 Infinity of Rhythm - Ammoncontact
46 The Art Of Kissing - The Long Lost
47 Melted Crayons - Fog
48 Sunday Seance - Blockhead
49 Swedenborgske Rom - Jaga Jazzist
50 Say Goodbye - Bigg Jus

Go back up and read that track list again... Go, I'll wait here.

Late of the Pier

Posted Heartbeat from UK's Late of the Pier not too long ago, but I've been digging their new album Fantasy Black Channel so thought I'd post a couple more. Seems they were produced by Erol Alkan (no wonder they're so good!). In the vein of bands like The Klaxons, they put out high energy electro rock suitable for the dancefloor.

They also recently made it on the cover of an old favorite of mine NME. Here's a snippet of what NME had to say about them.

"It's something fresh, original and very smart. Prepare yourself: this band are the future"

Now NME tends to be pretty fickle so who knows for how long they will keep liking them, but their off to a great start!

MP3: Space and the Woods - Late of the Pier (YSI)
MP3: Bathroom Gurgle (Artwork Remix) - Late of the Pier (YSI)

Here's the video for their single Heartbeat...

The Coral Sea

Most of the times the stuff that's sent to us is not that great, but once in awhile there is some truly amazing stuff sent our way. Like these two tracks from California band The Coral Sea. These tracks off their new album Firelight are stellar! Enchanting, lovely, mellow guitar rock. Love his voice and the music. Very refreshing, especially to balance out all the electronic stuff that seems to dominate the blogs nowadays.

Go to their website to read more about this up and coming band who's already opened up for The Walkmen and Silversun Pick Ups.

MP3: More Than You Know - The Coral Sea (YSI)
MP3: I Know You'll Find a Way - The Coral Sea (YSI)

P.S. Z Share seems to be acting up today hence only the yousendit links.

Brazilian Girls

Love Brazilian Girls! Not only do they put on great live shows but they were also one of the first bands I ever played back when I started Off the Radar Wed's @ Buck 15 in 2005. So you could say they are one of the original Off the Radar bands.

They recently released a new album called 'New York City' which pays homage to the city were they got their big break. As always they mix tons of varied influences to great effect, but mostly just to get you to shake it and have a Good Time!

Love how they incorporate Pussy, an earlier hit of theirs into this new one...

MP3: Good Time - Brazilian Girls (YSI)

Rory Phillips @ The Vagabond Friday!!

Seems like Miami has been getting a steady stream of cool shows coming through lately (Lee Burridge, Yelle, Hercules & Love Affair) All the different factions of our scene are bringing their niche artists. Some more house, some more disco, some more electro or pop and I love them all! The variety is great! Hope it's a trend that continues!

This Friday (10/17) @ The Vagabond we got another one! Rory Phillips of Trash/London fame rolls into town to rock our little city. Never went to the Trash party or London for that matter :( but I have heard of the party and I think it went on for 10 yrs or so, so it must've been something special! Plus how lucky is Rory? He got to spin next to Erol Alkan every week as a co-resident! Here are some remixes he's done including a Disco Dub that's pretty hot and of the times! Can't wait to hear what he plays out!

I'll be mixing it up with Rory and Mike this Friday! Expect extra craziness for this already super fun weekly! Go before 11 for complimentary admission! Plus of course the world famous $1 Stella's before Midnight!


MP3: Hold Me Down (Rory Phillips Disco Dub) - Primary 1 (YSI)
MP3: Parentheses (Rory Phillips Remix) - The Blow (YSI)
MP3: With Every Heartbeat (Rory Phillips Remix) - Kleerup w/Robyn (YSI)

P.S. Every time I hear the word Trash I think of that great Suede track from Coming Up, one of my all time favorite albums! Here's the video for that classic track/band! I wish there were more bands today that were as glam as they were in the 90's. It's just sorely missing nowadays...

Shit's bad so.... DANCE!?!

Jeez how bad is the economy...

Here's some dance jams to help you forget some of the crap going on right now and maybe get you to shake it on the dancefloor. Dancing and some booze should do the trick, at least till you wake up with a hangover the next day. That's one thing will probably never be hurt by a recession:: booze, clubs, bars and parties, particularly on the week-ends. No matter how poor people are they are still gonna have a little something to go out and get smashed on the week-ends. Maybe more so the worse shit is...

Here are 3 brand new dance jams that I've been digging and gonna be breaking in this week. If you live in Miami swing by the Vagabond Fridays, Mike Deuce & I play alot of stuff similar to this in the Main Room. It's a hell of a party and the $1 Stella's, No Cover before Midnight and cute girls don't hurt the cause either!!!

MP3: Hot (Treasure Fingers Remix) - Big Gipp (YSI)
MP3: Hardcore Girls (feat Rye Rye) (Don Rimini Nasty Boy Mix) - The Count & Sinden (YSI)
MP3: Fire (Phonat Remix) - The Young Punx (YSI)

Here's a sweet video/track for unsigned electronic artists OrtzRoka. The track's called Planets. Pretty amazing stuff!

Little Boots

Got me some new boots, Little Boots that is... Here is a new track from this rising starlet called 'Bring It On' plus a great mash-up Richard X did of her first single Stuck on Repeat with Fine Day that works to a tea!

Plus as a bonus here's mix she did recently that is pretty sweet! It covers lots of ground. From disco to new wave to newer electro stuff as well. Think you guys will dig it.

How great is this picture I found of her on google. She looks great and the orange just pops! I want one of those chairs!

Computer Fairyland Mixtape by Little Boots (26 mins)

Byrne + Eno

What happens when you mix Brian Eno & David Byrne? Genious of course!

After more than 25 years since they last worked together (Talking Heads). These two living legends have gotten back together and recorded some amazing music for us earthlings to enjoy.

The album is called 'Everything That Happens Will Happen Today' and it's available for download now on their website, with hard copies out in stores at the end of November.

Brian Eno in particular is a favorite of mine! Love the work that he's done throughout the years as a producer and engineer. Pushing and molding bands sounds to their limits. Forcing them out of their comfort zone and making them all the better for it. He's helped shape the sound of many big pop bands of our time, including James, U2, Talking Heads and most recently with Coldplay on their release earlier this year.

Here's two tracks from the new album. Can't get enough of Strange Overtones... Gorgeous! David Byrne's voice sounds exquisite!

As a bonus here's a classic Talking Heads track 'Crosseyed and Painless' from their 1980 masterpiece 'Remain in Light' which Brian Eno collaborated on. Amazing how well it holds up 28 years later!

MP3: Strange Overtones - David Byrne & Brian Eno (YSI)
MP3: I Feel My Stuff - David Byrne & Brian Eno (YSI)

MP3: Crosseyed and Painless - Talking Heads (YSI)