Pacific! was formed in Gothenburg, Sweden, in the early 2000s when childhood friends Bjorn Synneby and Daniel Hogberg reunited in their thirties. They began collaborating on summary, chic electronic pop which nods to groups like Air, The Beach Boys, Phoenix and Daft Punk.

They released their debut full-length album, Reveries, in the Fall of 2008. The album ranges from sleek and blissfull to sophisticated and lush. It's full of modern textures combined with old-school influences and heartfelt songs that just get stuck in your mind for days. They have perfected that 70's songcraft meets 80's bubblegum pop with a 2000's sheen. Each and every song is so good they could almost all be singles.

Pacific! are actually in the process of recording their next album, so be sure to pick up their debut. Here are a couple of my favorite tracks from that record.

MP3: Sunset Blvd. - Pacific! (YSI)
MP3: Hot Lips - Pacific! (YSI)

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