'Manchester, so much to answer for...' Remember that lyric from one of the best bands ever The Smiths!

Delphic also happens to be from Manchester. Their debut single 'Counterpoint' is set for release next week on Rough Trade records, also the old label for The Smiths. Good to see they're still around!

Heard this synth-poppy/indie rock number by Delphic the other day and it reminded me of Bloc Party (who they've also opened up for). Loved Bloc Party so much in that debut album, but not so much lately. What happened to them? They had such great promise with that first album, but don't feel like they've lived up to that potential with their last couple of releases. I'll keep my fingers crossed. I am a very patient person.

Anyways enough babbling... Here is the 'Counterpoint' video, mp3 plus a sweet housey remix by labelmates The Chain.

MP3: Counterpoint - Delphic (YSI)
MP3: Counterpoint (The Chain Remix) - Delphic (YSI)


Victor Castro said...

You got me at Manchester! Awesomeness!!! One of my fave songs just over 5 mins of 2009! Video is visually inspiring.

"For a city that's supposed to be so grey, Manchester has produced some pretty colorful music over the years.

Oasis, Joy Division, The Stone Roses, The Smiths, Elbow and The Courteeners to name just a fistful." Read more here

Aphex said...

I think you'll find this is being released on R&S Records - the famous electronic label??

Ray Milian said...

you may be right Aphex. Thanks for the clarification!