Solid Gold

Solid Gold who I've written about previously are set to release new single 'Bible Thumper' June the 29th.

It's a great track! Short rocking dancefloor stomper. It was one of my favorites from their great debut 'Bodies of Water'. Which made it to my '2008 Best of' list at #11.

They wrote this great description of their new single...

'At just over two and half minutes, new single Bible Thumper whirls through droning synth swirls and low slung bass lines, with the band’s trademark melodic vocals taking the single to epic heights. A taste of Power Corruption and Lies era New Order with a hint of Metro Area, the band stand out against the monotonous tide of indie-rock and identikit electro fashion-pop.'

Couldn't have said it better myself.

They put out a great video (their first) to accompany the release. Here it is plus the mp3. If you like what you hear you can buy the album 'Bodies of Water' on Itunes. Highly recommended!!

MP3: Bible Thumper - Solid Gold (YSI)

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jussi said...

ooo! i like.