Simian Mobile Disco Release Temporary Pleasure

Well at least if you're in the UK. It seems the import version has been released today with the US domestic version seeing the light of day on August 31st. Jeez so confusing when they scatter the release dates.

Anyways I managed to get my hands on a copy of 'Temporary Pleasure' from SMD and it is mighty fine! Great summer party record!

We've already heard the amazing 'Audacity of Huge' (check out a previous post here) which I've been jamming out at the clubs the last couple of months, but the rest of the album is just as solid.

More of a poppy record with lots of vocals than I would have thought from them, but I love pop and vocals so you won't hear any complaints from me!

Some big name guest vocalists on this one including: Gruff Rhys (SFA/Neon Neon) on opener 'Cream Dream', Beth Ditto (The Gossip) on 'Cruel Intentions' & Alexis Taylor (Hot Chip) on 'Bad Blood'. Which also happen to be my fave tracks along with 'Audacity of Huge' and the dancey 'Off the Map' ft Jamie Lidell with a similar name to ours and even having the lyrics 'I know a place under a bridge and Off the Radar'. Sweet!

Highly Recommended!! Pick this baby up!

MP3: Off the Map (ft Jamie Lidell) - Simian Mobile Disco (YSI)
MP3: Bad Blood (ft Alexis Taylor) - Simian Mobile Disco (YSI)

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Jsin said...

Great tunes for my morning, thanks Ray!