Dan Black

Dan Black is an English artist based in Paris, France making a splash in 09/10 with his album Un being released in the States on Feb the 16th.  He recently performed a short 20 min set here in Miami Beach at Liv where I read the fanfare was not so great with the crowd more interested in bottles and models typical at most South Beach venues here. Apparently at one point during his set the Miami New Times says he called out "You will be bored with me by the end of the year, so enjoy this moment when you don't know who I am." Pretty ballsy stuff.

Anyways I got sent his video for his track 'Symphonies' and I am digging it. All types of styles in this video. Love the strings! Reminds me a bit of 'Bittersweet Symphony' by The Verve.


Michael Unger said...

I love this video!

theMindofMarisa said...

sick sick sick! love this soooo much.

Anonymous said...

Hey check Dan Black's Weird Science new mixtape.
Very good Tunes!!

Anonymous said...

This video is great

You can also check Dan Black Symphonies feat. Kid Cudi video premiere on IFC