New Marina Cover / Penguin Prison Remix

Haven't written about the lovely Marina and the Diamonds since January. Damn, not from any lack of love, I assure you.

This week we got a fresh new email in our inbox about her. She's releasing a new single "Oh No!" on July the 19th accompanied by remixes by the likes of Grum (who seems to be everywhere lately), Active Child and more! In anticipation of the new release she's giving away a cover she's did live in Norwich of 3Oh!3's track "Starstrukk" which features Katy Perry on guest vocals and has become part of her live tour set.

Hadn't heard the track or band before, but I went ahead and did some investigative work to hear what the original sounded like and it's absolutely nothing like what Marina's cover sounds like. She totally made a banging dance track from 3Oh!3 into a gorgeous heartfelt slow piano balled. Beautiful work Marina! Man I have to see this lady sing live one day. Somehow I feel like she's taken over the torch from Tori Amos and passed it on to a younger generation.

In addition to the cover here is a Penguin Prison remix I had lying around for her track "I Am Not a Robot". Penguin can do no wrong. Great midtempo re-interpretation suitable for an indie dancefloor.

MP3: Starstrukk (3Oh!3 Cover) Live in Norwich - Marina and the Diamonds

MP3: I Am Not a Robot (Penguin Prison Remix) - Marina and the Diamonds


Navegante said...

Love the remix! I'm in an electonic dua called Navegante out of NY. We r coming to Miami to play a show at the Florida Room this Sat.
Here is a lil home made video of ours:
and here is a live video of a song we did :

See you in the 305 :)


Ray Milian said...

nice! florida room is nice spot, but i must warn you it gets pretty crazy in south beach for memorial day weekend. if you get a chance come on over to the downtown area (were most locals go during this weekend) and check out the vagabond. think it'll probably be more your cup of tea. cheers and welcome to miami!

Navegante said...

Thanks for the tip!!
That's what I've heard from everyone so far. We have some friends coming down from NY and some peeps in Miami so it's gonna be fun. But after we'll head over to Vagabond. It looks like a dope spot.

Thanks for that :)