ANR Return

Miami duo ANR who we've posted about many times before have to be one of the hardest working bands around. Releasing 2 mini albums last year as well as a solo album for lead vocalist MJ earlier this year, they are now getting ready to release another full length album 'Stay Kids' in October on 10K Islands. You can check out the cover art above. They are giving away a track from the album on their site "The Endless Field of Mercury" in exchange for your email which seems to have become standard practice these days. Loving the subdued track, but then again when don't I love everything they put out. By far one of my favorite bands from my hometown for many years! They seem to always be on the verge of breaking through to super stardom. Let's see if this album is the one to do it, but then again I'm sure they would prefer having a long career rather than a flash in the pan short lived fame. Here's to hard work and dedication. ANR know all about that. 

P.S. Below is the video for "The Endless Field of Mercury" put together by Jamie Harley who's done videos for Memoryhouse and Memory Tapes.

MP3: The Endless Field of Mercury - Awesome New Republic  320 kbps

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