Rich Kid Soundsystem

South Florida band Rich Kid Soundsystem sent us this rocking hip hop/pop hybrid track this week called "A Little Bit of Time". I had never heard of them before, but it looks like they are a new band just having formed this year in March according to their bio and already picked up by Ford for an upcoming internet campaign. It's a little more hip hop than we usually post on OTR, but when the chorus kicks in it's undeniably pop. Catchy as hell! Absolutely loving it! Check it out and see if you guys agree. They were kind enough to send the track to us in full 320 bit rate, so grab this baby and play it out at your parties. I'm sure it'll be a hit on the dance floor! Keep up the good work boys!

MP3: A Little Bit of Time - Rich Kid Soundsystem  320 kbps

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