Cosmo Black Debut Single

True to their word electro-pop Australian trio Cosmo Black that I posted that great David Bowie bootleg back in April here are releasing their debut single "The Night Becomes the Morn". They've been kind enough to send the track our way and I'm happy to say that it's a little piece of electro-pop gold! Loving it! The single is backed by a remix by DCUP that is equally as good and takes the track in a more nu-disco direction. Loving them both! Real dance floor friendly for all you DJ's out there (hint, hint). Best part is they're free to download and in full 320 bit rate! Grab these babies and run...

MP3: The Night Becomes the Morn - Cosmo Black

MP3: The Night Becomes the Morn (DCUP Remix) - Cosmo Black

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