Tired Pony

I think supergroups are awesome for obvious reasons. When you mesh several musicians from various bands with different sounds, the collaborative sound that is born is a beautiful thing. Such is the case with Tired Pony formed by Gary Lightbody (leadman of Snow Patrol) and includes other well known musicians such as Richard Colburn (Belle & Sebastian), Peter Buck (REM), and Scott McCaughey with cameo appearances by M. Ward, Tom Smith from The Editors, and Zooey Deschanel.

The first album "The Place We Ran From" came out on Monday, July 12th in the UK and will be out September 28 in the US. Their sold out debut show is tonight in London.

"Point Me At Islands" was available as a free download for one day via their website and I was able to snag it. Upon first listen I knew I really liked it. It gave me that nostalgic feeling of driving on a road trip with my friends and being in the middle of nowhere with all the windows down and the sun shining!

Lightbody said that this type of album (Country tinged) is something he's always wanted to do and needed to get out of his system... can't wait to hear it in it's entirety!

MP3: Point At Me Islands - Tired Pony

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