In case you haven't already noticed, the theme of this summer has definitely leaned heavily in the direction of Lo-Fi, 60's inspired, surf/psychedelic rock. If you're as big of a fan of this trend as I am, then let me introduce you to it's next big thing, Guards. Don't know much at all about this band other than the little info their bandcamp site provides, as they are nowhere to be found on Myspace or Facebook. However, the fact that their new self-titled EP is jam-packed full of fuzztastic lo-fi goodness and is free in its entirety is really all the info you need!

Guards EP is incredibly solid and I've provided a few of my fave's here including 'Sail It Slow' featuring a cameo from Cults! After you check these out, I highly recommend heading on over to their bandcamp site and snatching up the rest, including one featuring Chairlift's Caroline Polachek!

MP3: Resolution Of One - Guards

MP3: Sail It Slow (feat. CULTS) - Guards

MP3: Long Time - Guards

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