White Arrows

Craving some good indie rock? There seems to be a bit of a drought the last couple of years. At least compared to 2004/2005 when they were all the rage. Well we've got a good one for you, LA band White Arrows. They sent along their soon to be released (late August) self titled debut EP and I am digging it. 5 great original tracks, plus a couple of remixes by RAC (who are busy as hell remixing everyone lately) and KKS. Recommended for fans of bands like Gang of Four or Franz Ferdinand (how I love their debut album, still a classic!).

White Arrows have been kind enough to let us post their single "Coming or Going" as well as the RAC remix of the track. RAC as always does a good job and gives the track a bit more of a dance floor groove. That's always good too! The RAC remix will be featured on Entourage soon as well! With no further ado get to know White Arrows. I'm sure many will in the coming months.

MP3: Coming or Going - White Arrows

MP3: Coming or Going (RAC Remix) - White Arrows

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This is available for free at their bandcamp site: