Hey Champ

Rockford, Illinois electro-pop trio Hey Champ who I posted a remix for here and who have been pretty busy on the remix circuit the last year or so are getting ready to release their debut album 'Stars' next week July the 13th. They are giving away two tracks from the album "Neverest" and "Cold Dust Girl" on their site I linked above in exchange for your email. Digging them both! I'm a sucker for synths and catchy choruses, so that's not a big surprise.

In addition to these tracks they also recently did an excellent remix for Andy Bell of Erasure fame's track "Call on Me" from his new solo album 'Non-Stop'. They did a great job with this one! Perfect for the dance floor, I've seen it on a bunch of cool blogs and now it's on our cool little blog :)  Here are those for ya! Enjoy and have an excellent week-end!

MP3: Neverest - Hey Champ  320 kbps

MP3: Cold Dust Girl - Hey Champ  320 kbps

MP3: Call on Me (Hey Champ Remix) - Andy Bell  320 kbps

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