Baron Bane

Boy do I love the Swedish they just keep coming out with some of the most beautiful music on the planet time and time again. Here's another amazing act from Gavle and Stockholm called Baron Bane. They sent us their first single "Sordid Eyes" for us to post from their forthcoming album also titled 'Sordid Eyes'. A beautiful haunting track that let's your mind swirl and spin through the stratosphere.

If you like what you hear you can also download an earlier track "Love.Cure.All" + remixes for free from their site here as well. Keep an eye out for them, we sure as heck will!

MP3: Sordid Eyes - Baron Bane  320 kbps


Frees said...

Stockholm is in Sweden not Switzerland, Swedes make great music too.

Axlcell said...

We are sure that Baron Bane will make it on the top of the Indie charts. They are fresh and full of ideas, they have fun making music and there is nothing better for a band if individual creative minds work on one project together.

This will not be the last thing we will get to hear from Baron Bane and we are looking forward!

Ray Milian said...

sorry for the mistake. corrected it ;)