Old Wives' Tale :: Late-Night Paraphernalia

Last year Old Wives' Tale featuring talented brother duo, Felipe / Jaime Valencia and Pablo Toro (originally from Bogota), spread their sound across Miami's music scene when their debut album 'Younger Limbs' was released. They played shows at all the cool local spots. In the summer they hoped on over to London to play, having won BVMA's Babelgum's Performance Video Award for "[15] Amphetamine", then they performed at Madrid's Orange Café, Paris' Le Gibus and Barcelona's Sala Apolo.

A year and some months later they are back with their sophomore album 'Late-Night Paraphernalia' that is more sophisticated and adventurous than the first. This album, like the first is also guaranteed to make your head bop while doing a lil rock n' roll dance all your own. Completely opposite in their tones, Felipe and Jaime provide a very well put together brother dynamic that sets them apart from the rest. 'Late-Night Paraphernalia' includes tracks that range with a few different genre elements without losing a tight overall consistency and a continous punch.

These guys are serious about the quality of their music and are very detail-oriented which these days isnt always easy to come by with the plethora of sloppy bands out there. Being a perfectionist is something I can totally relate to!

I highly recommend you catching them live this Saturday, December 27th at Grand Central for their release party along with the premier of MR. X and Japanster, because when you hear them live you'll see how tight and energetic their sound really is!

If you've been to their shows before, you'll remember that the Old Wives' Tale yellow VW bus was always parked out front of the venues. This weekend it will be parked...well, you'll just have to go and find out!

Below are two of my favorites from Late-Night Paraphernalia for your streaming pleasure and their video for "15 Amphetamine". Are you dancing yet?! I know I am!

MP3: Josephine - Old Wives' Tale (Streaming Only)

MP3: Momma Devil - Old Wives' Tale (Streaming Only)

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