Memoryhouse (Video)

Got sent this lovely new Memoryhouse video directed by Jamie Harley for "Heirloom" the b-side to their single "Caregiver". The footage was taken from a 1969 documentary shot on the set of the Philippe Garrel movie 'Le Lit De La Vierge'. The girl is breathtaking and really works well for this type of shoegazey/atmospheric music. Check it out...

Stealth Mode

Stealth Mode is a new producer from Vancouver, Canada who recently contacted us. He sent us this simple email saying 'everyone loves vocoder' and attached this blistering electronic dance track called "To the End". Absolutely floored how amazing it is! Just vocoder definitely does not make me love a track, you have to have skill and an ear for melody to get my attention and he definitely has that. A stupendous dance floor jam which I think you guys are gonna love, I certainly do! Can't wait to play it out in my DJ sets.

Here it is cleared for posting in full 320 quality. Thanks Stealth you have a name near and dear to our hearts, unfortunately with music this good you won't be a secret for too much longer. Keep up the great work!

MP3: To the End - Stealth Mode  320 kbps


DNTEL (aka Jimmy Tamborello/James Figurine/1/2 of Postal Service) will be releasing two new EP's entitled 'After Parties 1 and 2' which you can purchase seperately or as a combo on December the 7th via his label SubPop as vinyls or digital copies. I managed to snag a copy of the 8 track EP's and as everything he does it's great stuff! This one unlike other albums of his do not feature any vocal contributers, but rather just feature him doing instrumental electronic tracks. Very cool/mellow electronic music you guys should look into. I for one am always hoping to hear news about that elusive second Postal Service record of which a collaboration with Ben Gibbard (Death Cab for Cutie) gave birth to the whole thing, but at this point maybe it's too late. Too much time has passed and that amazing debut might be better left un-touched as the sole representation of that amazing time.

If you submit your email on the widget I'm posting below you can get your hands on two of the new tracks "Flares" and "After Parties" absolutely free in full 320 bit rate quality. I'd do that asap then snag this baby up as soon as you can.

As a bonus here's a great Superpitcher remix I found on Hype Machine for that first Jimmy/Ben DNTEL collab that sparked the whole Postal Service project "(This Is) The Dream of Evan and Chan". Amazingness!

MP3: (This Is) The Dream of Evan and Chan (Superpitcher Remix) - DNTEL

New Panic Bomber Video

Our hometown boy Panic Bomber is back with a fresh new video for "Getting on My Mind" directed by Robothands which was premiered on Aux TV. It's the lead single to his album 'Getting on My Mind' which is being re-released January 24th on YYZ Records. For the video he recruits South Florida faves like TM Sisters and Nicole Soden and blends animation with live action jungle scenery to create a great little fantasy world. Great stuff! Check it....

P.S. If your in Miami for Basel Panic Bomber will be performing w/BFGF this Friday the 3rd at The Vagabond were I hold a DJ residency. Come out, should be great!

Art Basel 2010!

Hey folks it's that time of the year again in Miami when the weather is sublime and the art / music kicks in for the yearly event known as Art Basel. Seriously the best time of the year to be in Miami. I'll take this time of the year over WMC anyday. More artsy people and not so many spring breakers. Here's a post I did last year with some of the amazing art I ran across.

It all kicks off this Wednesday, Dec 1st were Metric is gonna be playing a live Free Show right on the beach/sand for Art Loves Music. Always look forward to these performances. Some past performers have included: Peaches, Scissor Sisters, Iggy Pop, Yelle & New York Dolls. 

Here are a couple events that Off the Radar is involved with this year. First we are sponsoring the Fountain / Miami Exhibition which on top of amazing art will also feature performances / DJ sets by the likes of No Age, Shepard Fairey, G. Love, Ninjasonik & more! You guys have to make a stop here at some point during the week.

We are also involved with Miami's Independent Thinkers which is something near and dear to our hearts, Miami artists! With all the art world in attendance it's nice to have an exhibition showcasing local artists for all the out of towners to see, Miami artists got it going on too! Joshy Josh and I will be doing a (786) DJ Set Friday from 8-10 PM. Hope you can make it out!

Below are the flyers for the events. Of course there's a million other things to see/experience as well. We hope you have a great/safe time while in Miami or if you're locals like us, wish it was like this all the time. Happy Baselin!!

Electric Tickle Machine

Under employment has been kind to me in the sense that I got to enjoy a lot of live music this month. One act I was introduced to is Electric Tickle Machine. Their live show was a spectacle of sorts and not just due to their charismatic psychedelia tinged rock, they seem to have this cultish following of hott girls that dance like they're at a bon fire on LSD in the 60's. The good looking trio is based out of NYC and is offering a free download of their track "Part Of Me" with email submission on their website, as well as streaming of their full length album "Blew It Again". Electric Tickle Machine is a sexy little blast of fun!


Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

It's a time of year to be thankful, and what better way than with great new music? How appropriate then that we spend this day celebrating the latest from Baltimore band Celebration!

The new track, titled 'Battles', with vocals at times reminiscent of Beach House but set to more upbeat psychedelic rock, is appropriately the strength card in their Electric Tarot project, and the latest release on their upcoming full album titled Hello Paradise which they have been releasing one track at a time until its official completion this December. You can check out some of the album's other tracks on their bandcamp site, and you can pre-order the vinyl here.

MP3: Battles - Celebration

The Young Friends

Listening to The Young Friends is like bathing in the fountain of youth inside of an endless summer. Andrew McKee and Brant Stuns met on Myspace and played in a few bands in Arizona before deciding to make surf rock after a trip to the beach inspired them. Jacob Graham of The Drums heard them on Myspace and decided to release some tracks on his experimental record label Holiday Records. Basically he finds unknown artists and releases a single or an EP every friday via their website. They now live in NYC playing music as a trio and their record "Hella" is available for purchase on iTunes and Zune. The Young Friends sounds a lot like The Drums, but they have more cutesy dances and sing indie pop better.

MP3: Down Town - The Young Friends

The Young Friends - Make Out Point from Moodgadget on Vimeo.

Bag Raiders

Wrote about Australia's Bag Raiders releasing their self titled debut record back in August here. Got the record last week and I'm loving it! Been jamming it at my place quite a bit. An amazing electro-pop record a-la bands like Cut/Copy. Thought I'd write another post with a couple tracks from the album to remind you guys not to miss this one. So much stuff gets released these days and lots of stuff gets lost in the shuffle, but this is one you really shouldn't miss, especially if electro-pop is your thing like it is for me.

Here's a couple of my faves so far... The uplifting dance pop of "Sunlight" and the funky "So Demanding". Of course their hit "Shooting Stars" is on here, as well as the excellent first single "Way Back Home" of which they have an official video for now that you can see below. In addition here is a great Universe Remix I found on Hype Machine for "Way Back Home". If you dig these I'd go grab the rest of that album. Muy bueno!

P.S. If I don't get to post again till Friday have a great Thanksgiving everyone! Wishing you and all your families/friends all the best! Cheers!

MP3: Sunlight - Bag Raiders

MP3: So Demanding - Bag Raiders

MP3: Way Back Home (Universe Remix) - Bag Raiders

New Cut Copy Single / Tour Dates

New Cut Copy single?!? Hell yes! Loved seeing that message in my inbox. I have been patiently waiting for their new record 'Zonoscope' coming out Feb 2011. One of my most anticipated releases for the new year. The new single "Take Me Over" has that classic electro-pop sound of theirs that I love, but a little poppier/radio friendly. As some have pointed out I can hear that classic Fleetwood Mac "Everywhere" riff in there, but still like the track. Can't wait for the album! They've scheduled tours in Europe, Australia and a New Year's in Santiago, Chile. Check those out below. More to come for Spain, Ireland and Poland. Fingers crossed for a Coachella 2011 performance with a Pulp reunion and Daft Punk set?!? Now hurry time, hurry.

Cut Copy - "Take Me Over" (Radio Edit) Premiere by modularpeople

Zonoscope World Tour ::

Thurs 3 March - Glasgow - Death Disco Special
Sat March 5th – Manchester – Now Wave @ Gorilla
Sun 6 March – London - The Forum
Tues 8 March - Oslo - Rockerfeller
Wed 9 March - Malmo - KB
Thurs 10 March – Copenhagen - Loppen
Fri 11 March – Stockholm - The Strand
Sat 12 March – Helsinki - House of Culture
Mon 14 March – Tallin - Rock Café
Wed 16 March - Berlin - Lido
Thurs 17 March - Koln - Gebaeude 9
Fri 18 March – Amsterdam - Melkweg
Sat 19 March - Paris - Nouveau Casino
Wed 23 March - Lisbon - Coliseum

Some tickets are still left for the Adelaide, Brisbane, and Perth stops
on the St Jerome’s Laneway Festival, which Cut Copy are headlining (sorry,
Sydney and Melbourne, tickets are all gone). The dates are as follows:

Fri 4 Feb – Brisbane – St Jerome’s Laneway Festival
Sat 5 Feb – Melbourne - St Jerome’s Laneway Festival - SOLD OUT
Sun 6 Feb – Sydney - St Jerome’s Laneway Festival - SOLD OUT
Fri 11 Feb – Adelaide - St Jerome’s Laneway Festival
Sat 12 Feb – Perth - St Jerome’s Laneway Festival

And if you feel like coming to Santiago, Chile for New Year's Eve...

Fri 31 Dec – Santiago, Chile - Industria Cultural

The Bright Light Social Hour

Recently got sent Austin, Texas band The Bright Light Social Hours' self titled record and it's pretty great stuff. It's got that classic 70's era rock & roll vibe/swagger, plus their bassists wicked 70's moustache just puts it all together. They've been given a lot of press love in their hometown and for good reason. It's time for these boys to expand.

Check out these two great tracks, the rocking album opener "Shanty" and soulful "Detroit" with a live performance video below and see if you become believers. A few brews and this kinda band in a dive bar go hand in hand, except these guys are like the All Stars of the whole thing.

MP3: Shanty - The Bright Light Social Hour

MP3: Detroit - The Bright Light Social Hour

Old Wives' Tale :: Late-Night Paraphernalia

Last year Old Wives' Tale featuring talented brother duo, Felipe / Jaime Valencia and Pablo Toro (originally from Bogota), spread their sound across Miami's music scene when their debut album 'Younger Limbs' was released. They played shows at all the cool local spots. In the summer they hoped on over to London to play, having won BVMA's Babelgum's Performance Video Award for "[15] Amphetamine", then they performed at Madrid's Orange Café, Paris' Le Gibus and Barcelona's Sala Apolo.

A year and some months later they are back with their sophomore album 'Late-Night Paraphernalia' that is more sophisticated and adventurous than the first. This album, like the first is also guaranteed to make your head bop while doing a lil rock n' roll dance all your own. Completely opposite in their tones, Felipe and Jaime provide a very well put together brother dynamic that sets them apart from the rest. 'Late-Night Paraphernalia' includes tracks that range with a few different genre elements without losing a tight overall consistency and a continous punch.

These guys are serious about the quality of their music and are very detail-oriented which these days isnt always easy to come by with the plethora of sloppy bands out there. Being a perfectionist is something I can totally relate to!

I highly recommend you catching them live this Saturday, December 27th at Grand Central for their release party along with the premier of MR. X and Japanster, because when you hear them live you'll see how tight and energetic their sound really is!

If you've been to their shows before, you'll remember that the Old Wives' Tale yellow VW bus was always parked out front of the venues. This weekend it will be parked...well, you'll just have to go and find out!

Below are two of my favorites from Late-Night Paraphernalia for your streaming pleasure and their video for "15 Amphetamine". Are you dancing yet?! I know I am!

MP3: Josephine - Old Wives' Tale (Streaming Only)

MP3: Momma Devil - Old Wives' Tale (Streaming Only)

Young Magic

Psychedelia has risen to new heights by means of the New York based Australian Young Magic. Underlined with a hint of mystery, it manages to be surprisingly catchy and inviting. The dark theme with the chant like chorus is just one of the many factors that makes You With Air so accessible. It seems he's pulled an array of odd sounds, which I would love to figure out where they came from, and has smoothed them out into a pop masterpiece. Word is D.C.'s Carpark Records was smart enough to bring this talented musician into their label. The vinyl of this single will drop February 2011. Let's hope for more before then!

MP3: You With Air - Young Magic

New jj

The Secretly Canadian signed Swedes has been blowing up the blog world like crazy with their latest single 'Let Them' and for good reason! Yes, this is a bit on the late side for us, but for those of you that haven't had the privilege of hearing it yet, how could we not post jj's new track?

MP3: Let Them - jj

They also released this new vid for their album jj n°3's track 'You Know'. If you missed my previous post on jj, and like what you heard here, you can check that out here.


Every sunday in the lobby of the Ace Hotel in NYC they have a few bands play. It's a really interesting space for live music with it's ultra high ceilings and lounge couches. A few weeks ago I caught Jác's set and it literally stole my heart. The incredibly talented five piece from New Jersey filled the space with beautiful music that almost brought me to tears. Constantly switching instruments ranging from accordions, violins, stand up bass', pianos, ukuleles, and guitars to name a few, they performed songs off their record A Dull And Brilliant Life. At one point lead singer Ritchie Monteiro walked around the lobby playing the trumpet and hid behind a wall up a staircase which resulted in a perfect manipulation of sound using the unique space. The multi-instrumentalists fuse together classical music and folk with latin influences. Sometimes even singing in Portuguese. Check out my favorite track off the album "Polar Bear" below.

MP3: Polar Bear - Jác

Twin Sister Debut Video

Got sent this colorful hand jivin Jem looking video for "All Around and Away We Go". The debut video by NYC's Twin Sister who Erika posted about previously here. Digging the video/track which I'm including on here just in case you don't have it. Enjoy and see ya next week, cheers!

MP3: All Around and Away We Go - Twin Sister

Museum of Bellas Artes

Got sent this excellent 4 Track EP called 'Days Ahead' by Swedish trio Museum of Bellas Artes that I've been jamming out to the last few days. It's breezy indie pop from Stockholm, the masters of that genre. Can never get enough of their amazing take on pop music. MOBA has very upbeat, dancey, earthy pop vibe that is all their own and quite catchy. Their first single is the self titled "Days Ahead" and it comes complete with this great video for it, plus a darker remix for it by Pistol Disco that has been cleared for posting. In addition I found an older remix they did for Liquid Vega's track "Dead Sun" that is pretty sweet also. Figured I'd throw that in here as well. Keep doing exactly what you're doing Stockholm, we love you for it.

MP3: Days Ahead (Pistol Disco Remix) - Museum of Bellas Artes

MP3: Dead Sun (Museum of Bellas Artes Remix) - Liquid Vega

High Highs

Brooklyn via Australia duo High Highs make some beautiful, heartfelt indie-pop. They will be opening up for one of my faves Radio Dept in their upcoming NYC show at The Knitting Factory November 30th. What a great show! I mean Radio Dept alone would be enough, but these guys are an added bonus. If I was you I'd get there early and catch them. Beautiful stuff!

Here is their first single "Open Season" cleared for posting and lovely as can be.

MP3: Open Season - High Highs

Gruff Rhys

Gruff Rhys the enigmatic lead singer of SFA/Neon Neon is gonna be releasing his third solo album 'Hotel Shampoo' in February 2011. Inspired by his collection of free hotel samplers. There's a video of him doing an art installation here with all the shampoo bottles he's collected throughout his travels, and there are many! Can you imagine how many places he's been? I love Gruff, been a fan for ages. The new single is called "Shark Ridden Waters". It is smooth and lovely as can be. Check out the mp3/video below and be on the lookout for the release early next year. He will be doing a couple shows in the states on the coasts LA & NYC. Sorry rest of the country, myself included (insert sad face here). More dates if you live in Europe. Check out his site here for the full tour schedule.

MP3: Shark Ridden Waters - Gruff Rhys


MEN featuring JD Samson of Le Tigre fame are getting ready to release their debut album 'Talk About Body' February 2011 on IAMSOUND. Until then they've released the first single from it "Off Our Backs" with a great accompanying video/remixes for it. The track like Le Tigre's best has a way of getting into your head and before you know it you're hooked. Pretty catchy stuff!

Here is their sexy video for "Off Our Backs", plus a couple remixes sent our way, of which Jeppe's Money is a Major Issue is my favorite. Enjoy!

MP3: Off Our Backs (Jeppe's Money is a Major Issue Remix) - MEN

MP3: Off Our Backs (Lemonade Remix) - MEN

Shit Robot + Nancy Whang

Shit Robot (DFA Records) + Nancy Whang (LCD Soundsystem/DFA Records) = Panties on the dance floor.

Shocking news, a DFA records act makes a dance floor ready sexified jam. I know, jaws are on the floor. Extra points for coining things like "from the cradle to the rave" and calling fans "shitheads".

MP3: Take 'Em Up (feat. Nancy Whang) - Shit Robot

Hooray For Earth

To all our NYC readers it's week three of Hooray For Earth's Piano residency. Tonight they play along with Autre Ne Veut, Mon Khmer, Mirror Mirror, and Electric Tickle Machine. I love show's at Pianos. It's a really intimate setting and you can't help but feel really close to the music. Listen to "Comfortable, Comparable", my current obsession from their summer released record Momo below. Also, if you are in NYC say hi to me at the show tonight!!

MP3: Comfortable, Comparable - Hooray For Earth

Modern Skirts

Seems Athens, Georgia band Modern Skirts have been around the block a couple times since their piano laden 2005 debut 'Catalogue of Generous Men'.  It made it onto Paste Magazine's #11 for top albums of that year. Then in 2008 they opened up for heavyweights REM and released album #2 'All of Us in Our Night' produced by REM's Mike Mills.

Now they are getting ready to release album #3 'Gramahawk' on January 18th, 2011 which has already garnered praise from the likes of NPR who calls the record "...diverse, catchy and immediately accessible". I haven't heard the whole thing yet, but the first single sent our way for posting "Bumper Car" is pretty divine! His voice on this one reminds me a bit of Isaac Brocks from Modest Mouse, which is in no way a bad thing. Great freakin tune! Can't wait to hear the rest of the record. If this first single is any indication we're in for a treat.

MP3: Bumper Car - Modern Skirts

In addition to "Bumper Car" here is their sweet animated video for "Jane Child", the upcoming album's opening track.

Rimer London

Craving some good electronic/housey goodness in your life? Then look no further than Amsterdam solo artist Rimer London. His label Magnetron contacted us recently telling us about his previous EP Intercity and how much a success it was for them and how excited they are for his upcoming debut album of which "Squaring the Triangle" is gonna be the first single. A great mixture of house and electronic music that I think you guys are gonna dig. I'm not a big house guy (get bored if it's too repetitive), but like all types of music there's always good and bad of everything, this one falls in the latter category with a dash of Italo that's very refreshing.

Here's his new single "Squaring the Triangle", plus a couple tracks "Intercity" and "Go Away" from his previous Intercity EP to get you acquainted.

MP3: Squaring the Triangle - Rimer London

MP3: Intercity - Rimer London

MP3: Go Away - Rimer London

de Montevert

Ah, Sweden, there must be something in that cold northern air that propagates exceptional music. Case in point, meet the charming de Montevert. With an ingenuously captivating approach to her music, she creates in an eclectic range of styles from the folk-pop of her track 'High on You' to the electronic sounds of songs like 'Within'. To be honest, I've been sitting on this one for a little while now, but after hearing her more recent Swedish language track 'Skyll på mig' I could no longer resist.

MP3: High on You – de Montevert

MP3: Skyll på mig – de Montevert

MP3: Within – de Montevert

Also, check out this simple and adorably endearing short video for her song 'Cat Jones'.

New Lykke Li Video

A couple of weeks ago I posted Lykke Li's new single "Get Some" which has become one of my new favorite tracks. Today the cool video for "Get Some" directed by Johan Söderberg was released, plus worldwide tour dates were just announced!

To check out more Lykki Li videos check out her YouTube page here.

Tour Dates

Wed March 9, Los Angeles USA, El Rey Theatre

Mon April 4, Hamburg Ger, Grunspan
Tue April 5, Berlin Ger, Astra Kulturhaus
Wed April 6, Munich Ger, Muffathalle
Fri April 8, Amsterdam Holland, Paradiso
Mon April 11, Cologne Ger, Gloria
Tue April 12, Bristol UK, Trinity
Thu April 14, London UK, Shepherds Bush Empire
Fri April 15, Leeds UK, Cockpit
Sat April 16, Dublin Ireland, Tripod
Mon April 18, Glasgow UK, Arches
Tue April 19, Manchester UK, Academy 2
Thu April 21, Paris France, Le Cigale
Mon April 25, Rennes France, L’Antipode
Fri Apr 29, Copenhagen Denmark, Vega
Sat Apr 30, Oslo Norway, Rockefeller
Mon May 2, Stockholm Sweden, Cirkus

Sun May 15, Washington USA, 9:30 Club
Mon May 16, Philadelphia USA, Theater of Living Arts
Tue May 17, New York USA, Webster Hall on sale 19th Nov
Fri May 20, Boston USA, Paradise
Sat May 21, Montreal Canada, Metropolis on sale 19th Nov
Sun May 22, Toronto Canada, Phoenix Concert Theatre
Mon May 23, Chicago USA, Metro
Thu May 26, Seattle USA, Showbox at the Market
Fri May 27, Vancouver USA, Vogue Theatre on sale 19th Nov
Sat May 28, Portland USA, Wonder Ballroom
Mon May 30, San Francisco USA, The Grand Ballroom @ Regency Center on sale 21st Nov


Hooray For Earth is in the midst of a month long residency at Pianos in NYC and I went out to the first show excited to see them live since I hadn't before (they were pretty seamless).

One act that I had heard of but never thought too much about was Zambri who as I shouted in the middle of their set, "KILLED IT"! Their sound is dark and exciting and the stage presence of the sister vocalists was a compelling marriage between end of days style rhythms and daunting vocals that fans of goth legends Siouxsie And The Banshees will surely appreciate. I poured over youtube material trying to find something that might display how captivating this group is live and could only find videos with not so great sound, but worth checking out.

To say I am excited about what kind of record they end up making is an understatement. To keep up with news from this group make sure to keep their website on your radar. Check out "Carry" feat. Jon Philpot of Bear In Heaven and "Easier" below.

MP3: Carry- Zambri

MP3: Easier- Zambri

Young the Giant

Young the Giant is an ethnically diverse five piece out of Orange County California. Been playing their self titled album released in late October quite a bit and I am liking the balance between their organic and intricate instrumental arrangements with lead singer Sameer Gadhia's melodic falsettos. The band has several years together playing since high school and with the help of Grammy winning producer Joe Chicarelli (The White Stripes, My Morning Jacket, The Shins) their debut is a polished collection of pleasantry worth listening to. Check out stand out tracks "My Body" and "Strings" below.

MP3: My Body - Young The Giant

MP3: Strings - Young The Giant

Wild Party

If you think Wild Party sounds like a wild indie pop good time, you'd be right! These group of youngsters from San Antonio, Texas are getting ready to release their double a-side single "Take My Advice"/"Life's Too Short" November 15th via Friends Vs Records. They have both tracks available for streaming on their soundcloud page with the free download option available for "Life's Too Short". Absolutely loving both tracks! It's like a rocking good indie dance party. Good vibes and all.

Check out/download "Life's Too Short" below and become a fan like we have here on OTR. Enjoy and have a great week-end everyone! See ya on the flipside.

MP3: Life's Too Short - Wild Party

Le Rev

Got sent this exquisite dance remix by Ernest and Amz for L.A. duo Le Rev's track "Lucky You". It's a full fledged dance floor burner that will fit in nicely into my DJ sets. Thought I'd share the wealth with all you DJ's/dance music lovers out there. Le Rev is being described as a mixture of Blondie and Blonde Redhead. That sounds pretty fantastic to me. I could use some of that in my life. Check out their video for their track "Escape Me" below and download this excellent remix asap. We'll be keeping our eyes peeled for more.

P.S. How cute is Le Rev's lead singer?!!?

MP3: Lucky You (Ernest and Amz Remix) - Le Rev


Looking for a new dreamwave/chillwave artist to fall in love with? Then look no further that Portugal duo Dreams. Their reps recently contacted us and sent us their first single "In Dreams" and it made believers out of us fast. If you like bands like Washed Out, Neon Indian and Million Young then these guys should be right up your alley. Smooth and dreamy lo-fi goodness all the way. Their debut record (tape?) 'Forgotten Thoughts' was released in the UK in Ocotber via the Rough Trade shop and will be available digitally in the States come January 4th, 2011. In the meantime enjoy this scrumptious piece of chillwave heaven cleared for posting in full 320 bit rate quality!

MP3: In Dreams - Dreams  320 kbps

In addition to the MP3 here is a video clip for another of their tracks "Step 4" using footage from one of my favorite movies 'Lords of Dogtown'. Sigh...

French Films

Got sent this amazing track "Golden Sea" by Finland based band French Films from their 4 track Golden Sea EP available now on iTunes. They have a little Joy Division vibe mixed with an upbeat surf rock twang that I'm loving! My spider senses tell me these guys will be going a long way. They are currently working on their debut album. Can't wait for that! In the meantime here is their MP3 for "Golden Sea" cleared for posting in full 320 bit rate, plus their sweet fuzzy winter time feeling video for said track. Hopefully these make you instant fans like it did for me.

MP3: Golden Sea - French Films  320 kbps

New People From Venus Track

Miami's own and OTR friends People From Venus who we've covered before have just released a brand spanking new track "Warrior Punk/Astral Light". "Warrior Punk" is more of a lovely instrumental opener until "Astral Light" the more traditional track kicks in. More mellow and one of the most beautiful tracks I've ever heard from PFV. Seriously lovely stuff! They are definitely showing growth and maturity in their sound and I'm loving it! They've been kind enough to send the track our way for our readers downloading pleasure. In addition to the MP3 Psyberpixie VJ put together this amazing nano-video for "Warrior Punk" that is truly out of this world fantastic! You can check that out below.

If you live in the South Florida area they will be performing Tonight 11/11 at Electric Pickle for their weekly Damnit Janet party. Best thing for me is Electric Pickle is right around the corner from my place, so I will definitely be there supporting the good fight and downing a few brews. I recommend you do the same.

MP3: Warrior Punk/Astral Light - People From Venus

Nitzer Ebb Tix Giveaway!

Another big show happening this Saturday, November the 13th at Grand Central here in Downtown Miami is Industrial legends Nitzer Ebb! Grew up listening/dancing to this band in my youth at the goth/industrial clubs and I'm sure their live show will be nothing short of spectacular! I mean the music lends itself to a great live show experience. Pounding drums, swirling synths and dancey beats will make for tons of dancing and fist pumping. Our friends over at GC sent us a pair of tixs to giveaway for the show to one lucky OTR reader. Just comment below with a valid email and I'll pick a random winner Friday. Good luck!!

If you'd like to purchase tickets you can get them here or at the door on the night of the show. 

Here's a video for one of their classic jams "Murderous". This one and "Join in The Chant" were two of my favorites back in the day.

New Tapes 'N Tapes

Personally, I've always been a fan of Tapes 'N Tapes good, simple indie rock style. Don't get me wrong, I'm a big fan of experimental sounds and pushing new boundaries as well, but I kinda think there's that part in all of us that enjoys that more straight forward, it-is-what-it-is style rock that these mid-western boys from Minneapolis provide.

Their latest track 'Freak Out' is the first single from their upcoming 3rd album Outside, which is scheduled for release on January 11, 2011, and it's as catchy as anything I've heard lately.

MP3: Freak Out - Tapes ‘N Tapes

Javelin Tix Giveaway!

Hey folks we got another tix giveaway for you today on OTR courtesy of the nice folks at WVUM! WVUM is UM's college radio station and one of the only good things Miami radio has going for us on the FM dial. This giveaway is for experimental electronic Brooklyn duo Javelin who will be performing this Saturday, November the 13th at The Awarehouse here in Miami. Check out the Facebook invite for the event here. This is sure to be a great live show! Comment below with a valid email address and I'll pick a random winner Friday to be added to the WVUM guest list, plus one. Simple as that.

Check out their video below for "Education" to get you acquainted/excited for the show. Good luck!

Body Language

Brooklyn band Body Language recently contacted OTR and sent us a link to their bandcamp page were you can download their new EP 'Social Studies' for the grand ol price of free! Heard the EP and it's some jolly good stuff! They straddle the line between indie pop with tracks like "You Can"/"Social Studies" and nu-disco with tracks like "Falling Out". I like'em all!

Here are two of those tracks for you to check out/download. If you like what you hear click on their bandcamp link above and grab the rest of that EP. Won't cost you nada!

MP3: You Can - Body Language  320 kbps

MP3: Falling Out - Body Language  320 kbps


Sorry for not posting yesterday. You can place the blame squarely on the release of Call of Duty :: Black Ops. Man, addictive stuff! Anyways I managed to pull away from the game long enough to open up some emails, including this one sent to us by French producer Sovnger (formerly known as Knuckles). He sent us 2 excellent dance remixes for The Aikiu's track "Just Can't Sleep", which was basically me playing that game last night. The Can't Sleep Remix is the more vocal of the two remixes and my favorite, but the Club Rework which is more of a dub version is pretty sweet too and will appeal to DJ's who might wanna throw it into their mixes. These will surely burn up some dance floors near you. Check'em, download'em...

MP3: Just Can't Sleep (Sovnger Can't Sleep Remix) - The Aikiu  320 kbps

MP3: Just Can't Sleep (Sovnger Club Rework) - The Aikiu  320 kbps

For a little eye candy here is also a movie like video for one of his tracks "What I Like", shot on the Paris Metro.