U.S. Royalty

Washington D.C. based rock band U.S. Royalty just released their new album 'Mirrors' last week. They sent along two tracks from the record approved for posting and I am digging them! Particularly "Monte Carlo". What a great track! It has this great carefree vibe to it with these lovely strumming guitars. Kinda reminds me a bit of classic rock bands like Fleetwood Mac. Seems there's are a few bands bringing that sound back lately. Won't hear any complaints from me.

Check out the goods below and if you like what you hear I put a hyper link to their facebook and amazon so you can do more investigating.

MP3: Monte Carlo - U.S. Royalty

MP3: Equestrian - U.S. Royalty

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Danny M said...

I dont see the Fleetwood Mac sound, BUT I DO LIKE IT!