Exclusive Premiere :: The Cloud Room Returns!

Who can forget The Cloud Room's international hit single "Hey Now Now"? Ray once put it on an "Off The Radar" compilation and the song became the anthem of my first summer in New York City. It was the "Sweet Disposition" of 2007. Burning bright, selling sodas, and overshadowing their debut record. Disappearing from the music scene and taking the time to regroup isn't something bands do with success but if the three songs I have heard off their five years in the making album 'Zither' is any indication, they did what they needed to do. Taking the time to "get this music" out of their heads and into a cohesive and blissful cacophony. Within the eclectic instruments, harmonies, arrangements, and time consuming scrutiny of their product, emerges accidental indie pop that is sonically magical. Preview 'Crashing In Love' and 'Sonik Youth' as well as download 'Waiting' below. Watch for the release of 'Zither' in April.

MP3: Waiting - The Cloud Room

MP3: Crashing in Love - The Cloud Room (Streaming Only)

MP3: Sonik Youth - The Cloud Room (Streaming Only)

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