Moving Units :: We Are Enfant Terrible Remix

I am pretty sure I can say that all of us at Off the Radar have been fans of Moving Units for a long time. They make dance rock so well and whenever I hear them I can't help but move my feet. They always keep it sexy. Their new EP 'Tension War' is no exception. Their track "Until She Says" takes rock and roll to the disco in classic Moving Units fashion, sped up drums and funky bass lines. Loving the We Are Enfant Terrible remix of the track. Head to their website for a free download of their single "Pink Redemption".

MP3: Until She Says - Moving Units (Streaming Only)

MP3: Until She Says (We Are Enfant Terrible Remix) - Moving Units

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Anonymous said...

Las dos versiones son "muy buenas"..pero yo prefiero:Until She Says (We Are Enfant Terrible Remix) - Moving Units....