The Vaccines

While I was posting about the great new Kills album 'Blood Pressures' on Facebook a friend recommended I check out The Vaccines debut album What Did You Expect from the Vaccines? and boy am I glad I did. A great indie rock/shoegazey record with traces of bands like Jesus and Mary Chain, The Horrors and The Ramones. Seems they have been the buzz band in the UK for a bit now, but they totally slipped my radar in Miami. They are gonna be touring the U.S. opening up for Arctic Monkeys in May and their album is set for release in the states on May 31st via Columbia records although I think it was released this week overseas as it's already out at my usual spots. If you're like me and just finding out about them well it's not too late. Here's a couple of favorite tracks from the record the single/video for "Post Break Up Sex" and "A Lack of Understanding" to get you acquainted and on the bandwagon.

MP3: Post Break Up Sex - The Vaccines

MP3: A Lack of Understanding - The Vaccines


Anonymous said...

vaccines cd sounds like a leftover 80s album. not that that's a bad thing.

skptk13 said...

I can see people leaving their upcoming tour a lot happier with the Vaccines then the Arctic Monkeys.