Um... hopefully they'll play more than one show...

There were rumors everywhere and finally Blur have confirmed that they are reuniting.

Damon Albarn, Alex James, Dave Rowntree, and Graham Coxon will perform for the first time since 2000 at London's Hyde Park on July 3, 2009. (Dude that will be 9 years! Dang I feel old.)

Anybody want to invite me on an all expense paid trip to London next summer? Tickets will be on sale Friday, December, 12th 2008, 9am, at (Is Live Nation everywhere now? Read an article about them in the NYT recently (the paper version, while it still exists...).

Hold up, does this mean that they are going to tour festivals next year? Coachella? This just might be the year I go, and Blur performing would make it just that much easier of a decision. (Ray! Roooaaad trip! And by road, I mean we fly over there...)

More info on their site.

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Ray Milian said...

Hell yeah! I'm Down! Let's Go... Now if we could get a Smiths Reunion (at least Marr & Morrissey) to perform next year too, that would be the Best Coachella EVER!!